Warranty of Implants

Natrelle Allergan Pharmaceutical. As part of Natrelle’s commitment, they present a comprehensive warranty that reflects the confidence in their products. As a recipient of Natrelle’s style breast implants, you are automatically enrolled in the Confidence Plus Warranty. They also offer the Confidence Plus Premiere Warranty, which would represent the next level comprehensive product warranty.

Lifetime Product Warranty: 1) Automatically applies to all recipients of certain Natrelle style saline silicone implants; 2) Is not age-dependent. Allergan will replace in any event of deflation or rupture due to loss or shell integrity. Any size or style may be selected to replace your current Natrelle style breast implant.

Confidence Plus Warranty: All recipients of Natrelle style saline silicone implants are automatically enrolled in Confidence Plus. Ten years of financial assistance, $1200 out-of-pocket expense, surgical fees, operating room and anesthesia fees. Silicone-filled and saline implants are covered. Lifetime product replacement.

Confidence Plus Premiere Warranty: For an additional enrollment fee of $100 with 45 days of surgery, patients may increase the financial assistance span by 10 years, $3500 for silicone-filled, $2400 for saline-filled implants which again reduces out-of-pocket expense for surgical fees, operating room and anesthesia expense. At the surgeon’s request, Allergan may also provide a replacement for the contralateral implant. There is a lifetime product replacement, and it is non-cancellable.

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