Patient presented with 25-year-old ruptured Allied Biocel Textured Silicone Implants by Silimed.  Photograph and video show the integrity of the shell of the left implant as it is being removed as well as the silicone gelatinous material.  This patient presented with severe hardening, Baker IV capsular contracture, calcified granulomas and silicone mastitis.  She allowed her implant to linger over two decades.  Notice the integrity of the shell has been lost, but there is clear calcification in the textured shell that appears as a white plaque appearance.  The silicone material is actually micro silicone droplets rather than a soft, smooth silicone viscous loose material.  These implants are no longer available and this patient presented for bilateral open periprosthetic capsulectomy, circumferential open capsulotomy, removal of silicone implant material, silicone mastitis, calcified granuloma removal and reconstruction with smooth high profile cohesive Allergan gel implant reconstruction.

Silimed gel implants are rarely seen in my practice.  The old textured Biocel implants are obviously a rarity and this was an interesting surgery performed recently.

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