Video: Eleven Year Old Ruptured Saline Breast Implant Removal

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We are presented with ruptured saline implants on a weekly basis.  These patients normally present with symptoms that may include pain as well as low grade fever.  They also have tenderness to the breast which may be associated with scar tissue formation with also deformity of the implant often pincushioning under the subdermis or subglandular tissue causing sharp pain.  The video above shows a patient with a 90% ruptured saline smooth implant that was placed 11 years ago.  She had significant distortion of the breast with painful scar tissue formation causing lateral displacement and impingement of the implant along the undersurface of the subglandular tissue.  The clarity of the fluid is also indicative as to the duration of a ruptured implant.  This is a clear fluid which is indicative of an early rupture, probably within the last four to six weeks.  The video shows the implant being removed as well as fluid surrounding the implant being suctioned and evacuated.  Saline ruptured implants should be removed as soon as possible to reduce the scar tissue formation as well as to minimize the pain that is associated with the ruptured implant.

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