Ruptured Saline Implant With Severe Inflammatory Mastitis And Calcified Baker IV Capsule

This patient presents with ruptured saline implants placed nine years ago by a different surgeon.  Her preoperative photograph shows interestingly the right breast is completely deflated with complete rupture.  The left implant is intact, but has severe thickened hardening with a Baker IV capsular contracture.

In the operating room it was found that the right saline implant that had ruptured still had a soft IMG_0271capsule which is normal for a ruptured saline implant.  The capsule was slightly thickened, but there was no calcification.

Interestingly, on the left implant extravasation, after removal of the left implant, it was noted that the capsule was thick, hard, calcified and there was silicone-like mastitis.  All of this was the saline implant.  The capsule reacted as if it had been a leaking silicone gel implant with calcification.  The calcification and scar tissue shown on the photograph below are normally what I see in chronic ruptured silicone mastitis.  The calcifications of thickened, hard scar tissue are often seen with leakage of silicone combined with calcium leading to calcifications and severe encapsulation.  This thickened, hard scar tissue inflammatory reaction is rare for a saline implant inflammatory process.  As a result, I felt this was an interesting case to show a chronic calcification of capsule associated with saline rather than silicone.

IMG_0273The patient underwent bilateral open capsulectomy, removal of saline implant and formal mastopexy on the right with a breast reduction on the left without reimplantation.  After eight weeks, we will submit a secondary blog showing her postoperative review and photograph after explantation, lifting, and reduction without reimplantation.

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