Ruptured Saline Differential Deflation Bilateral Breast

This patient presents 12 years postoperative saline augmentation mammoplasty procedure using the dual plane technique. Implants were placed behind the muscle through a periareolar incision. Notice the right breast has complete deflation and complete loss of fluid in the right saline implant with complete scar tissue contracture of the superior portion of the pocket. The left implant shows visible rippling along the superomedial breast pocket. The patient underwent bilateral open periprosthetic capsulectomy, removal of the ruptured saline implants. Patients often will have slow leakage from bilateral implant especially over 8 to 12 years which can show at different rates.

This is an excellent example of an implant that is completely ruptured from the right saline through a valvular leak and an implant that has slow leakage through a micro pore leak identified postoperatively in the left implant. Over time implant can leak slowly as notable on the left or they can completely lose complete volume as seen on the right breast implant with differential volume losses. These patients should have the implants removed within 14 days in order to allow reduced scar tissue contracture and reconstruction with an open capsulectomy of the pocket as soon as possible to regain a normal shape and form. We will revisit this patient in six weeks to show her postoperative results.