Polyurethane Implant

The patient below presents with ruptured left polyurethane saline implant presenting from Romania.  The patient has significant concerns that there is a history of carcinoma and sarcoma incidents with the polyurethane implants that were placed in Romania.  These implants are no longer FDA-approved in the United States and can lead to cancer in rat animal laboratory experiments.  As a result, these implants should no longer be used in any country.  This patient presented from Romania with removal of the implants through an inframammary approach.  At this time she is now three weeks postop.  The inframammary incisions are healing nicely.  Postoperative photos show revision with style 20, 300 cc smooth cohesive silicone gel implants.  Notice the excellent symmetry fullness and the scars are healing nicely along the inframammary fold.  Any patient who presents with polyurethane implants should consider having these implants removed, especially if there is a rupture, because of the small but still significant incidence of sarcoma.

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