Over 40 Year Old Ruptured Implant

40 year old ruptured implantFor the past 17 years I have been performing revision surgery on patients that have experienced a rupture to one or both of their breast implants. A few week back I was presented a patients that had a primary augmentation in the late 70’s and after all this time was concerned that one had been loosing volume. During my examination there was a slight asymmetry and after setting the expectation we scheduled to have a breast revision surgery.

During the surgery I expect that the 40 year old implant would be completely ruptured, but actually the implant was still intact. As I removed the implant it was a textured board base shaped implant, and as you can see by the photo to the left the silicone implant was leaking from the pores. I completely removed all the scar tissue (see photo to the right), and prepared the pocket for the new implant to be placed.

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